Skottie - Lottie Animation Player

Skia now offers a performant, secure native player for JSON animations derived from the Bodymovin plugin for After Effects. It can be used on any platform where you are using Skia, including Android & iOS.

The player aims to build upon the Lottie player widely used for animations today, improving on the performance, feature set, and platform cohesiveness for our clients. We are big fans of the Bodymovin format and where possible, contributing advancements back to Bodymovin/Lottie.

Sample JSON animations

Here are some test samples rendering with Skia’s animation player:

*Sample animations courtesy of the community

Test server

Test your Lottie files in our player at

The code

Skia’s animation code entry point can be found here on Googlesource and GitHub. The code is part of Skia’s library but can also be made available as a separate package.

Embedding examples

Sample C code for using the Skottie native player can be found here.

Android app code for inspiration can be found here.

Example code embedding Skottie into our Viewer app is here.

The Viewer or Skottie Android apps can be built following these instructions.