Skia in Chrome

Changes to the Skia repository will be rolled into Chromium by the AutoRoll bot several times per day.

If you have a Skia change that needs to be tested in Chrome, or which requires associated changes in that repository, see the guides in this section for tips on execution.

For problems in Chromium related to Skia rolls:

  • Go to Login with account and click the STOP button to pause new rolls.
  • Revert the offending DEPS roll.
  • If an obvious owner cannot be found in the list of CLs, assign to the Skia Gardener, listed in the gardeners widget on and as a reviewer on the roll CL.
  • If the Skia Gardener cannot be assigned, cc them and assign the issue to hcm@.

For more tips on bug triage and labeling, see the Issue Tracker page.

Branching for Chrome

Every 6 weeks, we cut a new branch in Skia to reflect the new release branch in Chrome, eg. refs/heads/chrome/m75. This process is simplified by running tools/chrome_release_branch. This script handles creation of the branch itself, as well as associated housekeeping like updating the Chrome milestone number for the next release, setting up the commit queue for the new branch. For example:

tools/chrome_release_branch <commit hash>