sk is a command-line tool which provides common functionality useful for working on Skia.


The set of supported commands will probably grow or change over time.


Used for managing versioned non-code assets used by Skia developers and in CI. These are stored in CIPD and their versions are pinned under //infra/bots/assets in Skia.

  • add - Add an entry for a new asset. This does not create an initial version.
  • remove - Remove the entry for an existing asset. This does not remove uploaded versions.
  • download - Download the pinned version of the asset into the given directory.
  • upload - Upload a new version of the asset and update the pinned version. If a script exists to automate creation of the asset, sk that runs script and uploads the resulting files. Otherwise, it expects a target directory to be provided.
  • get-version - Print the pinned version of the asset.
  • set-version - Set the pinned version of the asset. sk verifies that the given version actually exists in CIPD.
  • list-versions - Print all versions of the asset which exist in CIPD.


This automates the processes involved in creating a new release branch of Skia, including creating the Git branch itself, setting up the commit queue on the new branch (as well as retiring the commit queue for the oldest release branch), and updating the current Skia milestone. This requires administrator rights.


Trigger try jobs on the current active CL. Accepts zero or more job names or regular expressions. If none is provided, try lists all of the available try jobs and exits.


The code for sk is located in the Skia Infra repo. Development in that repo follows similar practices to Skia. See for instructions to get started.

Code for the sk tool itself is located under //sk/go/. Each sub-command has an associated package.


New versions of sk are automatically built and uploaded to CIPD as part of Skia Infra’s CI/CD pipeline. The version used by Skia is pinned in DEPS and updated by an autoroller.