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CanvasKit - Skia + WebAssembly

Skia now offers a WebAssembly build for easy deployment of our graphics APIs on the web.

CanvasKit provides a playground for testing new Canvas and SVG platform APIs, enabling fast-paced development on the web platform. It can also be used as a deployment mechanism for custom web apps requiring cutting-edge features, like Skia’s Lottie animation support.



Go beyond the HTML Canvas2D

Star JSFiddle
Ink JSFiddle

Skottie (click for fiddles)

Text Shaping using ICU and Harfbuzz

Text Shaping JSFiddle

Lottie files courtesy of the community: Lego Loader, I’m thirsty, Confetti, Onboarding

Test server

Test your code on our CanvasKit Fiddle


Get CanvasKit on NPM