Infra Trooper Documentation


What does an Infra trooper do?

The trooper has two main jobs:

1) Keep an eye on Infra alerts available here.

2) Resolve the above alerts as they come in.

View current and upcoming troopers

The list of troopers is specified in the skia-tree-status web app. The current trooper is highlighted in green. The banner on the top of the status page also displays the current trooper.

How to swap trooper shifts

If you need to swap shifts with someone (because you are out sick or on vacation), please get approval from the person you want to swap with. Then make the change in the cloud console. Add a filter to find the dates you are looking for and then click on the entries you want to edit.

Note: The above link can be used to update the sheriff/wrangler/robocop schedules as well.

Tips for troopers

  • Go over the trooper handoff doc to be aware of ongoing problems and any issues the previous trooper ran into. Document any notes there from your trooper week that might help the next trooper.

  • Make sure you are a member of MDB group chrome-skia-ninja. Valentine passwords and Chrome Golo access are based on membership in this group.

  • Install the Skia trooper Chrome extension (available here) to be able to see alerts quickly in the browser.

  • See this section for details on how to connect to the different Skia bots.

  • The chrome-infra hangout is useful for questions regarding bots managed by the Chrome Infra team and to get visibility into upstream failures that cause problems for us.

  • If there is a problem with a bot in the Chrome Golo or Chrome infra GCE, the best course of action is to file a bug with the Chrome infra team.

  • Read over the Skolo maintenance doc for more detail on dealing with device alerts.